With over 11 years of experience within the design industry…

With over 11 years of experience within the design industry, we offer unlimited design styles from bespoke, contemporary to traditional designs within the MENA region and Europe. However, our clients own properties internationally and we are happy  to work in any part of the world.

Our priority is to listen to our client and provide the best service we can. We have an abundant knowledge of the latest products in the market and travel frequently for inspiration, new products and ideas. We can do as much or as little as per our clients requirements; from spatial planning in a new build through to the end of a project or simply planning and designing for a particular room in a residential or commercial property.

Our services include specificing all soft furnishings, accessories, furniture, flooring, lighting and installation; while all design concepts will be included in an overall estimate. An appointed designer will look after you and walk you through a  scheme presenting mood boards and samples.

Tareen Interiors LLC is based in Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers and has a sister company Tareen and Tareen Interior Design LTD in the United Kingdom, originally founded by Nadia and Ayisha Tareen.

Our Team

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Nadia Tareen


A multifaceted and sensory experience is at the core of Nadia’s design approach. Influenced by travels and through an exploration of materials, colours, organic forms mixing vintage and contemporary she believes in creating a wealth of experiences into every space.

Nadia Tareen is one of the founding members of Tareen Interiors. With over 11 years of experience within the interior design industry she received her Interior Architecture Degree from Leeds University in 2007, considered one of United Kingdom’s leading architecture and design institutes.

Nadia works with clients from the initial stages of a project to ensure that space is used to its potential, whether it’s a new construction or a renovation project. There is no interior space too small, big, or too dark which can’t be reimagined.

Working on high-end residential and commercial projects around Europe and the GCC, Nadia is internationally recognised for her extensive body of work. Most notable projects are ‘Carr Hall Castle’, which won Britain’s Best Home and ‘The Bells’ nominated for Best Interiors in the North.

With an extensive knowledge on products, Nadia has developed a strong and trustworthy relationship with many leading suppliers globally. With diverse product knowledge Nadia uses furnishings, which have been sourced globally to inject personality into each project to create a custom designs.

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Hassan Tareen


Hassan began his career as the CEO of a logistics company based in Dubai and the MENA region having worked as a third-party logistics contractor for the U.S military and Nato. While managing a staff of over 580 individuals.

He completed his education from the United Kingdom holding a degree in Law (L.L.B) and a Master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain.

As the Managing Partner at Tareen Interiors LLC, Hassan overlooks the branding, advertising, budgeting and provides legal advice on projects to ensure safety of both our clients and our staff. Hassan ensures that the design elements of a project fit with the requirements of clients while guaranteeing that our products and projects are in line with the design brief.

Hassan’s hands on approach as Managing Partner involves commercial growth of the company while constantly maintaining the best business practices and overall quality of any creative work. Thus, ensuring our work is amongst the best in the industry.

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Emran Eric Lee


Coming from a commercial property development background, coupled with over 15 years experience in F&B ownership and development, Cofounder of the highly acclaimed Ugly Burger restaurant in Dubai, Emran’s understanding of the requirements from his customers is unparalleled.

As the Director of Operations at Tareen Interiors LLC, Emran’s role is to ensure that all departments within the company are cohesively working together to meet every project deadline.  Tareen Interors LLC takes pride in offering an excellent service, which matches the quality of their products that are supplied and manufactured. Furthermore the company always keeps their customers updated at every single stage of an order or project.

Emran takes a very hands on and pro active approach to push the team to go beyond the expectations of their customers, which has resulted in Tareen Interiors gaining an exceptional reputation within the industry.

Emran and the team deal with every aspect of design and supply for any sized project, from studio apartments to palaces and restaurants all the way to 5 star hotel developments.  The team at Tareen Interiors is dedicated and always on hand to ensure client requirements are taken care of.