The client’s brief was to create a luxurious yet practical bedroom for their 9 year-old daughter.
Using pastel colors, beautiful wallpaper, bespoke pop up TV unit and secret cupboard spaces, we transformed the space into a luxurious room with a ‘princess feel’ for our lovely 9 year-old client.


One of our aims was to create plenty of storage with hard wearing laminates and fabrics. We utilized the awkward ceiling to our advantage to create a ‘secret wardrobe space’ behind the bed. This not only created a luxurious headboard with LED colour changing lights, it gave a playful space for a 9 year-old girl but also plenty of storage for a future teenager.

The sliding door cupboards opposite the bed allowed for plenty of shelves, hanging spaces, a study and a dressing area. One of the key features for this cupboard was the dressing area, which had a sliding door to cover any storage.